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Make a profit on any automobile

Do you have an unwanted car? Have you wrecked your vehicle and don’t want to pay for costly repairs? Get your driveway back by bringing your vehicle to Little John’s Wrecking Yard. Drive it in, tow it in, push it in – just get it here and we’ll buy it! We don’t care if it is running or not!

Cash on the spot for your vehicle

- Junk cars

- Junk trucks

- Junk SUVs

- Wrecked vehicles

- Used cars

- Used trucks

- Used SUVs

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Even though your vehicle is no good to you, we can salvage the parts. We accept any vehicle, no matter how damaged, and will give you a fair price for it upfront.

Service is available to the greater Fort Worth area. Bring us your car or truck now.

If you would like to rebuild your wrecked car, visit us today at 5601 Elliott Reeder to shop our large selection of used car parts. While you’re here, bring any scrap metal you have laying around to make a quick buck.


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