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If it's metal, we'll take it

Get cash for your scrap metal

Bring your metal waste and miscellaneous metal items to Little John’s Wrecking Yard for cold, hard cash today. We accept literally every product that is made from metal, no matter the condition. If you are remodeling your home, building new construction, or come across any type of trash that is made of metal, bring it to our location to be weighed.

We accept all types of metal

- Aluminum

- Bronze

- Brass

- Sheet metal

- Copper

- Stainless steel

- Tin

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You can scrap virtually any item that is made from metal. We accept a huge variety of items and look forward to giving you the cash you need in exchange for your scrap metal.

We have been a staple in the Fort Worth area since 1957.

Do you have a car or car parts that you would like to scrap? We purchase junk cars and unwanted vehicles. If you can get it to us, we will buy it! We also offer used auto parts, if you want to repair your vehicle for an affordable price.




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